Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vacation...Camping in Louisiana

Our family went camping for a week in Louisiana at Lake Bruin. We had a great time. The girls enjoyed riding their bikes, swimming, riding the tube, fishing, playing with Corbin (their cousing that they just met), and playing with Gus...the dog. Rocky enjoyed fishing. He always enjoys that. We were sure how our week was going to go when Parker hooked herself on our first day there. It was not a fun time. She hooked her leg while carrying her fishing rod. Rocky and I had to hold her still while my dad pulled out the hook. Luckily, she was fine. We did have a relaxing week camping. However, I am not sure if Rocky and my dad thought it was very relaxing fishing with me. Just call me the "high maintenance" fisherwoman. I had to keep them on their toes.

Here are a few pictures of all the fun we had.

Our new house

I finally got enough boxes cleared out of my house to take some pictures. We have officially been moved in now for two weeks. My garage is still full of boxes. I am slowly going through each one and boxing back up the items I want to rummage. We are so thankful for our new house and are enjoying every minute of it. The girls are especially enjoying the pool in the subdivision. I will be emailing out our new address and phone number soon!