Sunday, March 19, 2006

Parker and Gus

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This past week was spring break. We made a quick trip home to Louisiana to see family. Papaw and Nanny have a new puppy, Gus. Parker immediately wanted Gus as her own. She spent the three days we were home with the puppy in her hands. Anna Beth is still skidish of animals. She is just more cautious than her sister. We wanted to share the pictures and video we took while there.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Fun Day with the Skidmores

The weather today was too beautiful not to enjoy some time outside. The Johnson's and the Skidmore's went for a bike ride. After a bike ride we played touch football and frisbee at the SFA football stadium. Our children had a blast. They were sad about returning home.

Picture 1: Rocky playing frisbee.
Picture 2: Raquel in great throwing form...must have learned that at OU.
Picture 3: Anna Beth and Chloe smelling the tulips.
Picture 4: Parker, Anna Beth, Chloe and Grayson in front of tulips on the SFA campus.
Picture 5: Parker and Grayson playing in a water fountain on the SFA campus.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Parker and Spring Soccer

Today was not Parker's first game, it was her second game. She played her first game on February 18 when the weather was 30 degrees. After 20 minutes Rocky pulled us out of the game. Our team was crying from the cold and drizzling rain. Parker's fingers were so red. Today was her second game and the weather was perfect. She didn't want to play because her team played boys. Here are a few shots of her playing. Like her sister, she loves soccer.

Anna Beth's First Spring Soccer Game

Today was Anna Beth's first soccer game for the spring season. They won 4 - 1. Anna Beth scored 2 goals. She has scored 2 goals in two years in soccer. She is improving so much. Here are some pictures of her playing. Her coach has made such a difference in her playing skills. She has so much more confidence and aggressiveness. She loves to go to practice and loves to play. That's the reason we keep signing up each year.