Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our kids

Here's a picture of our Rutledge children. As you can see they are no longer children. The story goes like this: BJ Rutledge was Rocky's youth minister in Bossier City, LA. Rocky was BJ's youth intern when he graduated high school. Rocky became a youth minister and served with BJ in Deer Park, TX. Jeremy and Julie were in Rocky's ministry...Josh was a 5th grader then. Since that time, we have seen Jeremy graduate high school and college; Julie graduate high school, college, and marry; Josh graduate high school and start college. Now, Jeremy is Parker's children minister and Josh is the youth intern and works with Anna Beth. Isn't that too cool? As for Julie, well, I get the privilege of hanging out with her as a newly wed. That brings back fun memories. I get to see her in that role and she gets to see me as an "old" mom. She gets to see other things about me and I'm not sure how good that is for her!! Our relationship is very similar to the one I have with her mom. Ten years ago it was Janet and I in the - a young married girl with no children and her - the mother of three. Now I get to be the mother of TWO not three and Julie the young married girl with no children. The next time we head to the hospital (they were all their for the birth of Anna Beth) I will be the one video taping instead of being the one on the other side of the camera...thanks BJ. This time I get to play "aunt" and Janet will be "grandma."

I took this picture today after church. Yes, we are all at the same church. It is so good to have them all in the same town again.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

EC Late Night

Tonight was our first official "late night" with 5th and 6th graders. Remind me why I teach middle school and then go hang out with them more til 11:00pm at night? We had a great turn out...about 40 kids. They were goofy all night. Here are a few pictures of some of my family getting goofy. I can never just watch when the inflatables arrive. You would think by now I would learn my lesson. Rocky and I jousted. He cheated and won. Then I got revenge...wrestling the old-fashion way.