Sunday, May 27, 2007

The entire inside of our house has been painted now. They will install countertops next week. They will also start laying the tile early next week. It is looking more and more like a house...yippee! The outside has been painted. The front door still has to be stained. I have picked out the swatches that I will paint once we close. You know I can't leave a house with the same color for every wall. We are pumped and looking forward to our move!
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The Autograph

Here it is the autograph...AB's finest moment. She was one happy camper.

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Michigan - Baylor Softball Game

There is a moment in time where all things come together and that moment is perfect. This weekend was the moment for Anna Beth and me. Anna Beth fell in love with Michigan University softball team two years ago. I introduced her to college softball during the NCAA Softball College World Series. ESPN showed every game on television in 2005. AB does not play softball yet, but I decided that watching it would be a good way to introduce her to the game. Who knew that she would love it so much. That year Michigan was the "underdog" team. Their pitcher was a senior who had just lost one of her family members just months before the world series. I think it was her sister, but having a hard time remembering. That just made us cheer more for them. I always cheer for any team playing the west coast teams. Arizona and UCLA have won too many titles to count. Michigan made it to the championship round. The played UCLA for the title. You have to win 2 out of 3 to be champion. Here's how it played out: both teams had won one game, final game scored was tied 1-1 in the 10th inning, Michigan was home team, with two runners on base UCLA decided to pitch to freshman Samantha Findley, Samantha cranked the first pitch over the fence to win the game. AB went wild. She decided that she and mommy should go to Michigan to watch all their games. We had to have a geography lesson on where Michigan was actually located on the map!

Now present day...Michigan made it to the sweet 16 round. Only 8 teams go to the world series. The teams are posted and Michigan is headed to Waco to Baylor. I was on the phone at 8am the next day trying to get tickets. Amazingly enough, I got them. When I told AB she was estatic! We drove down on Friday after school and watched the first game. Michigan lost 9-0. They played horrible. It didn't matter, AB still wore her Michigan hat and cheered as we sat in the middle of Baylor fans. She was loving it and they were loving her.

Saturday finally game and so did the rain. The game was delayed until 2pm. Michigan came out on fire. They won 3-0. AB couldn't be happier. She screamed and screamed. However, Baylor wasn't ready to throw in the towel. They opened the final game with a 2-run homerun in the first inning. That didn't stop AB from cheering. The louder the Baylor fans were the louder AB got. Those old people around us couldn't stop smiling at her. Michigan did lose, but AB didn't lose her spirit. She congratulated all the fans around us for winning. Then we headed for the impossible...the get Samantha Findley's autograph. How do you explain to a 9 year old that this may not happen. As a college player myself, I know what it is like to make it to this particular game and lose. I wasn't sure their coach would let them talk, or if they would even feel like talking. We waited and watched patiently outside their dugout. Many immerged crying. I told AB that I wasn't sure this would be a good time, but that we would wait. Finally, we saw Samatha. AB said, "Is she crying?" When I noticed that she wasn't and that she was talking to other players, I told AB it was ok to approach her. She walked up to her and asked for her autograph. Samantha graciously accepted and signed AB's program. What a great experience! AB asked could she call her daddy and tell him. Yes, she was upset that Michigan lost, but she couldn't be more excited about getting Samantha's autograph!

That was the moment as a mom that I think I will always remember! Great times!
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