Sunday, March 23, 2008

I've been tagged

Thanks Mimi!

Ok, let's give this a time...

Ten years ago...I was teaching at Pasadena High School with an infant at home with her daddy! I was coaching softball and ironically we were serving with BJ Rutledge, which is were we are at again! Too funny.

My to-do list today:
1. Work the Easter services at Grace Fellowship.
2. Watch my netflix movies.
3. Get the laundry finished before school tomorrow.

What I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire...
1. Pay off our debt.
2. Build new facilities for Grace Fellowship.
3. Get Rocky a new truck with unlimited gasoline...the 1996 Civic still lives.

Three bad habits...
1. Eating no fruits or vegetables.
2. Putting off housework til the last minute.
3. Eating lots of candy!!!

Five jobs I've had...
1. Receptionist at a medical clinic
2. Summer hand at a papermill
3. Receptionist at a travel agent
4. Principal's secretary
5. School teacher

Five things people don't know about me...
1. I hate the smell of bananas.
2. I don't eat fruits or vegetables because I don't like how it feels in my mouth.
3. I love to read but had to take remedial reading course in college due to low scores.
4. I played two seasons of NCAA softball with no errors.
5. I was a middle school cheerleader...go FIGURE!!!

Ok, I tag Sherry McCrary, Raquel Skidmore, and Jeannine Powers.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Day in March

March 6th brought snow to North Texas and boy did the fun begin. On Thursday morning we headed to school with our winter clothes on anticipating a "few" snow know the weather in Texas - it's never accurate. The snow was supposed to arrive at 3pm in our area, but God had better plans. At 10:30am I could see the first of the snow to fall and by 10:45 it looked like a Colorado blizzard outside. I tried to hide my excitement from my students. I had already told my students at 9:45 that we would not be coming to school on Friday. They looked shocked until I told them that the "power of positive thinking" would work. Then I told them to start praying for snow. We did our lesson for the day and then 5 minutes before the bell I said, in my angry voice, "Who's been praying?" They all looked at me strange and then I said laughing and dancing, "Cause it's SNOWING!" They all went wild and rushed the window. They were pumped and so was I. We had fun the rest of the day.

The funny part was that the snow was so bad that parents started arriving to pick up students. The office was sending people to get students but then the line was so long that they just started calling them over the intercom. Every 2 minutes or less they would call for students. They office workers had an assembly line and they were writing down student names and passing them to the receptionist who was calling for them. Our principal kept slipping in funny names...EXAMPLE: Coach Jennings, your mom is here to pick you up; Frosty the Snowman to the office please; Brett Favre to the office. The one about Coach Jennings was the best. The kids erupted into laughter. It was great.

I took a few pictures yesterday afternoon. We will play some more today. We got another inch last night. Here are some pictures of our fun yesterday and today!